what is pen testing and why you need it trolleye security

Pen testing is short for penetration testing. Penetration testing is a controlled cyber-attack authorized by you that usually, an outside company who are experts in cybersecurity performs in order to find vulnerabilities within your computer systems. This concept is not new, and is, in fact, recommended by many industries, such as by home security systems and banks, who hire companies to try and break into their security systems.

TrollEye Security is a boutique cybersecurity company that specializes in helping businesses keep their computer systems secure. We offer pen testing as a service, where we will customize your cybersecurity program based on your needs. Once we assess your cybersecurity needs and document what we find, we will assess and manage third-party risk, all in compliance with security regulations. This cybersecurity testing will enable you to keep your data safe from all manners of phishing, malware, viruses, worms, ransomware, and more. Below, we’ll briefly touch upon the different types of penetration tests available and why it’s important for your business. Contact us today for your computer security services!


As we mentioned above, pen tests take a hard look at your network, applications, devices, and more to determine any weaknesses. While part of pen testing involves ways in which hackers may breach your security, another important part is simulating a real-world attack and seeing just how vulnerable your system is. This cybersecurity testing includes:

  • Network penetration testing. This part of pen testing will focus on system and network flaws, including wireless network flaws, password strength, protocols, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities with products, and more.
  • Application penetration testing. Here, TrollEye Security will look for flaws with applications, forgery requests, scripting from other sites, direct object references, and more.
  • Internet and device penetration testing. Here, we’ll look at the internet of things (IoT), looking at protocols, passwords, communication networks you have both internally and externally within your organization, APIs, and more.
  • Physical penetration testing. You may hear this referred to as physical intrusion testing, which takes a look at physical barriers, such as locks, sensors, mantraps, cameras, and more.


With the ubiquity of the internet, there are more people trying to make an easy living. Stealing your customers’ information, getting a hold of your bank account information, perpetrating identity theft, and holding your information hostage are just a few ways that cybercriminals earn their living. You can’t assume because you’re a smaller fish in the pond that you won’t become a target. In fact, you are an easier cyber target because odds are, you don’t have the manpower of a big corporation with a whole department dedicated to cybersecurity.

Regular pen testing will protect your company’s valuable data and keep the perpetrators out. While most bad guys are deterred when they reach a firewall, many are desperate and will keep trying until they get in.


It’s much more cost-effective to keep the bad guys out than wait until you experience a security breach to implement effective cybersecurity tools. Give TrollEye a call today to get started!