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At TrollEye Security, we strive to remove the complication from cybersecurity. Our automated approach is simple, yet highly effective. Our platform is extremely intuitive and can provide invaluable insight into your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

TrollEye Security founded in 2016 to provide exceptional Cybersecurity Services focused on real-world, accurate, and efficient security testing and assessments.

TrollEye Security has designed its Cybersecurity testing and analysis to emulate real-world adversaries with varying degrees of sophistication, from script kiddies to highly advanced persistent threats.

Our Penetration Test as a Service offering continually tests for vulnerabilities within your computing infrastructure and applications to provide real-time cybersecurity visibility. Our comprehensive cyber solution integrates directly with your organization’s existing cloud and on-premise infrastructure and can meet the most stringent compliance requirements. Contact TrollEye Security today for a chat on how we can protect your organization’s assets!

Security Audit

The objective of a cybersecurity audit is to provide management with an assessment of an organization’s cybersecurity policies and procedures and their operating effectiveness.

Penetration Test

The objective of a penetration test is to uncover cyber security vulnerabilities in computer systems, network infrastructure or web applications that a cyber attacker could exploit.

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