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Internal Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity Begins at Home Base

When it comes to data breaches and other compromises to your organization’s sensitive information, a surprising amount of the time it’s an inside job. Either unintentionally or maliciously, your internal network access can be used against you. A stunning 60% of data breaches are caused by insiders, and they have the potential to be even more catastrophic than external hacks.  Fortunately, there’s a solution: internal penetration testing.

An internal penetration test, also referred to as a pen test, is a type of security assessment that simulates the actions of an attacker who already has access to your network. By imitating real-world threats, an internal penetration test can help you identify vulnerabilities in your systems and networks before a malicious actor does.

Not only can internal penetration tests help you find security holes in your networksand systems, but it can also help you assess the effectiveness of your current security controls. By testing your organization’s response to an attack, you can identify areas of vulnerability where your security needs improvement.

Security from the Inside Out

When it comes to cybersecurity, attacks from the outside are often a primary focus and internal threats frequently get overlooked. However, according to recent research, 94% of organizations have experienced insider data breaches. That makes it critical to ensure your organization is prepared for a security issue that comes from within. Just as with external penetration testing, turning these tests inward not only manages the risk, but also helps organizations that are subject to security compliance requirements, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Employees, vendors, partners, third-party contractors, and other internal players all have access to your internal network, either through legitimate log-in credentials or simply through their physical presence. This means they also have the potential to cause a data breach. By conducting an internal penetration test, you can find out how easy it would be for one of these insiders to exploit a vulnerability and gain access to sensitive information.

These risks are not just due to disgruntled employees or one of these insiders having malicious intent. They can simply be compliance errors, such as an employee who forgets to log out of their computer, leaving that system open for someone else to slip in. No matter the intent, the consequences of an insider threat can be just as damaging as an external attack.

With internal penetration testing from TrollEye Security, your company can take a proactive approach to protecting your organization from insider data breaches. Our “white hat” ethical hackers simulate real-world attacks to help you identify security vulnerabilities in your networks and systems. We also assess your current security controls to ensure they are effective in detecting and responding to an attack. Our pen testing specialists can also conduct physical penetration testing to challenge the strength of your physical, on-site security measures

When it comes to internal security and controls, don't rely on hope. Trust TrollEye's internal penetration testing. Contact us today.

Reviews You Can Rely On

If you’re curious about the experiences of other business owners with our penetration testing, we invite you to browse through some of our reviews. We build a relationship of trust with our clients, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done to help them secure their organizations.

Cyrus Yazdanpanah
IT Manager at FSLSO
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PTaaS has been a wonderful addition to our Development Lifecycle. Command Center provides a unique experience and excellent value
John Andrew
Security Compliance Manager at Flight Scedule Pro
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I recently had the pleasure of working with TrollEye Security, and I found their service to be exceptional. Avery's team performed a thorough vulnerability assessment and penetration test that left no security stone unturned. I found using the TrollEye Security Command Center Portal easy - and through this toolset TrollEye provided us with clear and actionable recommendations, making it easy for us to enhance our security. In my opinion, what sets TrollEye Security apart is their ability to communicate complex findings effectively. They were responsive and accommodating throughout the process. TrollEye is a trusted partner in our cybersecurity efforts, and I highly recommend them for their technical expertise and client-focused approach!

The TrollEye Security Internal Penetration Testing Process

At TrollEye Security, we approach an internal penetration test the same way a real-life threat actor would. By mimicking their exact steps, approaches, tools, techniques and processes, we accurately simulate what would happen if your organization were to be compromised. Here are the steps we take during an internal pen test run.


During the planning phase, we work with you to understand your organization’s specific goals and objectives for the internal penetration test. We also develop a comprehensive understanding of your network architecture and systems. This helpsus create a tailored pen testing approach that meets the unique needs of your company.


Next, we begin the process of discovery, which is when we identify all potential entry points into your network. This includes finding open ports, weak passwords, and unpatched systems. We also look for any misconfigurations that could be exploited.


Once we have identified all potential entry points, we attempt to exploit them. This helps us determine how easy it would be for a malicious actor to gain access to your systems and data.


After the test is complete, we compile all of our test findings into a detailed report. This report includes information on all vulnerabilities that were discovered during the course of the tests, as well as recommendations on how to remediate them. We also provide guidance on how to improve your overall security posture.

For an even more comprehensive picture of your internal security, we recommend including a social engineering assessment. An ever-increasing threat, social engineering attacks target the human element in an organization, attempting to trick insiders into disclosing passwords, downloading malware, or otherwise exposing the network to outsiders. Our social engineering assessment services test how well your employees and other insiders withstand these tactics. Any vulnerabilities discovered can help guide your company to create better training, improved compliance processes, and turn your insiders into another layer of network security

With internal penetration testing, physical penetration testing, and social engineering assessments, you can truly have a complete view of how well your internal security measures are performing.

TrollEye Security: Your Best Offensive Line

Using offensive cybersecurity strategies, TrollEye Security anticipates and thwarts cyberattacks before they harm an organization by exposing vulnerabilities so they can be corrected. TrollEye Security offers comprehensive, all-in-one solutions. However, our pen testing services don’t end there. To be the most effective, penetration tests should not be performed once a year as part of a one-time operation. Cyber-attackers will continue to come up with new ways to attack organizations. Through our continuous penetration testing services, we ensure that your network and software are constantly secured, plugging gaps, patching leaks, surpassing compliance requirements, and tightening up your defenses. We can also perform dark web monitoring to see if any of your data, passwords, or other sensitive information has already been compromised. If hackers can’t find a vulnerability in your company network to act on, they will know to move on.

Taking advantage of decades of experience in cybersecurity, we developed our proprietary risk management platform, Command Center. With our top-tier penetration testing experts on the case, we go deep inside the minds of those who would steal your information, crash your web app, hold hostage your data, or swipe sensitive customer information. Every day, we scan hacker activity for the latest and most sophisticated tactics to add to our test arsenal. We hold SnortCP (Snort Certified Professional) and GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN) certifications, as well as HP ASE (Network Security) and HP Master ASE (Network Infrastructure) certificationsand OSCP certifications. We also pursue additional industry certifications, including OSWE, to supplement our ongoing research and information gathering about cybercrime tools and tactics.

To keep your organization safe, our services provide you with a comprehensive assessment of internal and external testing information. The vulnerability of your network and web applications drops significantly when these risks are effectively managed, so you can return to work with more confidence and peace of mind.

Take the proactive approach to cyber risk management with TrollEye Security. Call us today for your free consultation.

Internal vs. External Penetration Testing

What’s the difference between internal and external penetration testing? Internal penetration testing focuses on emulating the actions of an insider threat, such as a disgruntled employee or contractor. It is conducted within an organization’s network, looking for in-house flaws. The main goal of internal pen testing is to find out if someone with inside access can compromise or sabotage a system, such as by injecting malware or otherwise exploit security weaknesses.

External penetration testing, on the other hand, mimics the actions of an outside attacker, such as a hacker, and is only conducted remotely. It simulates the approaches that would be used to hack an organization’s network by someone without insider access. The primary goal of external pen testing is to identify and fix cyber security flaws, reducing the risk of a breach.

Both types of pen tests are important for identifying vulnerabilities in your system and satisfying compliance standards. However, internal testing is often overlooked because it can be seen as more difficult to perform. At TrollEye Security, we have the experience and expertise necessary to carry out an internal penetration test effectively, making a real difference in your organization’s cyber risks.

Our Process and the Benefits of Internal Penetration Testing

TrollEye Security uses the same tools, techniques, and processes as real-life threat actors to accurately simulate what would happen if your organization were to be compromised. By mimicking their exact steps, we are able to find vulnerabilities that other testing methodologies might miss.
The penetration testing skills and high-level offensive strategies of TrollEye Security will give your organization the confidence of knowing that your protocol for success has been thoroughly tested. In addition to accurate, actionable information about their cybersecurity posture, our clients receive an assessment that allows them to make smart, informed decisions about their overall network security status.

The benefits of using this type of offensive approach to network security through internal penetration testing are extensive. They include:

In short, internal penetration testing with TrollEye Security is the best way to find and fix weaknesses in your system before they can be exploited. From overall cyber risk management and regulatory compliance to minimizing network downtime due to a breach, there’s no better way to truly know your cyber security posture and what you need to do to bullet-proof it than performing internal pen testing.

Partnering with TrollEye Security

At TrollEye Security, we are constantly testing our own methods so that you can be confident in your organization’s cyber security posture. When you partner with us, we will work with you to understand your specific needs and objectives before customizing a solution that fits your organization. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client, and we always deliver high-quality results.

When you bring TrollEye Security onto your cyber risk management team, we’ll first conduct an extensive review of your network and determine the scope of your needs. Following this initial consultation, we will design a program tailored to your company's unique needs and risks, as well as your network systems. We estimate the time it will take to test live assets, software repositories, and web services, as well as the number of social engineering targets if necessary. We then decide on the Rules of Engagement (ROE) together, which describe the parameters of each test, including the date, time, and extent of testing.

We will schedule the first test after we have completed the MSA (Master Service Agreement) and ROE. Our penetration testers will analyze and test your network vulnerability in a methodical and controlled way. We'll notify you immediately when a weakness is found so that you can take action to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Securing Your Network and Reducing Your Risk with Pen Testing

Cyber attacks on organizations are happening every moment, both from internal and external sources, but only those who are prepared will withstand the assault. The best time to plan for a problem is before it happens. For a detailed consultation on how our pen testing services can help you secure your organization, contact us today. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and get started on protecting your business.

Don't wait for a breach to expose your flaws. Learn how to shore up those vulnerabilities ahead of time with pen testing from TrollEye Security.