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Cybersecurity: Inside the Firewall

You’ve taken steps to secure your network from hackers. You’ve also implemented measures to protect your property from thieves. Now it’s time to combine those concerns into another risk management category: the cybersecurity threat posed by criminals who would physically enter your premises in order to access your critical network infrastructure. This is the world of physical penetration testing, and it’s a specialized form of security assessment that every organization should consider.

A physical penetration test, also commonly called a pen test, is an ethical hacking exercise in which a team of security experts attempts to gain access to an office building or facility through any means necessary, just as a real-world attacker would. The goal is to identify vulnerabilities in the physical security of the premises that could be exploited to gain access to sensitive data or systems. Physical penetration testing also validates security controls you already have in place so you know what’s working.

By providing the invaluable perspective of a threat actor, the white hat physical penetration test experts at TrollEye Security deliver tangible and actionable intel that your company can use. The application of the information provided by these tests can help you improve security, reduce risk, and make informed decisions about where to allocate your security budget.

Physical Penetration Testing:Identifying Internal Threats

While it’s tempting to assume that this type of threat is reserved for large companies with multimillion dollar secret formulas, the reality is more main street and less spy novel. Criminals are increasingly targeting businesses of all sizes with sophisticated attacks that combine physical and cyber elements, including social engineering attacks. Organizations that don’t take this form of security seriously are unfortunately making it much easier for these high-tech thieves to be successful.

Threats that include your physical business location can come from a variety of different sources. It could be an employee or former employee who is holding a grudge trying to sabotage your network. It could be a vendor or partner who feels slighted and returns with malicious intent. Competitors have also been known to engage in criminal activity to steal proprietary information or damage a company's databases to give themselves a boost in business. No matter the source, the goal is always the same: to gain unauthorized access to your critical systems and data.By implementing physical penetration testing services into your overall cyber risk management strategy, you can take action ahead of criminals who seek to damage your property, your business, and your reputation. The information you'll get from the services of a skilled physical penetration tester from TrollEye Security can really be obtained no other way. Let us help you find and fix your location's physical vulnerabilities and keep a close watch on your data.

Physical penetration testing is an essential component of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Now is the time to add it to your risk management planning. Contact us today.

Our Reviews: The Inside Scoop

TrollEye Security customers share what it’s like working with a penetration tester in these reviews. Read below to get a feel for the level of service we provide.

Cyrus Yazdanpanah
IT Manager at FSLSO
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PTaaS has been a wonderful addition to our Development Lifecycle. Command Center provides a unique experience and excellent value
John Andrew
Security Compliance Manager at Flight Scedule Pro
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I recently had the pleasure of working with TrollEye Security, and I found their service to be exceptional. Avery's team performed a thorough vulnerability assessment and penetration test that left no security stone unturned. I found using the TrollEye Security Command Center Portal easy - and through this toolset TrollEye provided us with clear and actionable recommendations, making it easy for us to enhance our security. In my opinion, what sets TrollEye Security apart is their ability to communicate complex findings effectively. They were responsive and accommodating throughout the process. TrollEye is a trusted partner in our cybersecurity efforts, and I highly recommend them for their technical expertise and client-focused approach!

Our Physical Penetration Test Methods

The most effective physical penetration tests are those that simulate real-world attack scenarios as closely as possible. To do this, our team of experts employ a variety of tried-and-true methodologies. Here are some they may use when testing the strength of your property’s security.

Analyzing the perimeter and entrances

The first step in any physical penetration test is to create an accurate map of the premises, including all entrances and exits. This helps the team identify potential entry points that could be exploited.

Identifying potential targets

Potential targets in a physical penetration test can be things like entry points, surveillance cameras, and network jacks. It also may include people who have the level of access that real criminals want and can be manipulated to gain entry through the application of social engineering tactics.

Testing physical Security Controls

A physical penetration tester will put your physical security controls to the test. Thisincludes things like locks, gates, security guards, and alarm systems. Our team will try to bypass these controls to see if they are effective.

Infiltrating offices and meeting rooms

Once the server room has been breached, our tester will attempt to infiltrate offices in order to gain access to confidential data. This includes trying to bypass security systems, such as access control systems and CCTV cameras.

Intercepting EM Waves

EM (electromagnetic) waves are frequently used to send organizational information. A skilled criminal can intercept these communications and if it is not sufficiently encrypted, decrypt and access the data. Our tester will attempt to capture these waves and do just that.

Dumpster diving and dmployee trash cans

Dumpster diving is a technique used to gain access to sensitive information that has been discarded. Our tester will go through dumpsters and even employee trash cans in order to find things like confidential documents, hard drives, USB sticks, and hand-scribbled notes containing passwords or other useful information.

Shoulder surfing

Shoulder surfing is a low-tech tactic used to get log-in credentials, passwords, or other data by looking over someone’s shoulder. A tester may attempt to shoulder surf employees and other insiders to gain access to confidential data.

Conducting surveillance

Once the premises have been mapped, our team will conduct surveillance to see how easy it is to gain access to the property. This includes observing patterns of behavior and noting any security weaknesses that could be exploited.

Lock Picking

One of the most common methods used by criminals to gain access to a building is through lock picking. This technique can be used to open doors, gates, and even safes. Our experts are skilled in a variety of lock picking techniques and will put them to the test during your physical penetration test. Lock picking covers both manual, key-based locks and electronic lock mechanisms that require entering a passcode.

Testing Server Rooms

If entry is successful, our tester will attempt to access sensitive data by infiltrating server rooms. This includes testing fire, cooling and power systems to see if they can be used to tamper with servers.

Testing Network Jacks

Network jacks can be used to connect directly to a company’s network. Our tester will attempt to plug into these jacks in order to gain access to sensitive data.

Breaking RFID Tags Encryption

RFID tags are used to store information, such as product codes. When codes are tampered with, stolen products can be difficult to track. Our tester will attempt to break the encryption on these tags in order to gain access to this proprietary data.


Tailgating is a technique used to gain access to a building by following someone who has the correct credentials through a gate, door, or other physical barriers. A TrollEye Security tester will attempt to tailgate employees, vendors, and other legitimate visitors in order to gain entry to the premises.

Social Engineering Employees

Attackers will often try to gain access to a building by pretending to be someone they’re not. This is part of social engineering tactics, and it can be surprisingly effective. Our tester will attempt to enter your facility by posing as a delivery driver, maintenance worker, or even an employee who has forgotten their badge. Social engineering testing is especially important for a business with high-security areas, such as data centers or financial institutions.

These are just some of the methods a physical penetration tester from TrollEye Security will use to assess the security of your physical location. If agreed upon in the Rules of Engagement (more on that below), once our team has gained access tothe premises, they will collect evidence to prove their findings. This includes photos, video footage, and any physical items that could be used as proof of the security breach.

After the physical penetration test has been completed, our team will debrief you ontheir findings and offer detailed recommendations on how to improve your security. This assessment includes actionable ideas for physical security changes and employee training opportunities.

How safe is your facility? Find out with TrollEye’s dedicated ethical physical pen testing experts.

TrollEye Security: Tested to Perfection

Cyberattacks are prevented from harming an organization by TrollEye Security using offensive cybersecurity techniques. Our strategy is simple: find the flaws so they can be fixed before the bad guys can use them. The implementation of that strategy is an exercise in diligence that demonstrates our passion for cybersecurity and our commitment to ethical testing.

The TrollEye Security family of products provides comprehensive, all-around security, and we're not satisfied with the temporary security provided by annual penetration testing. Instead, our approach to pen testing is continuous penetration testing. Cyber criminals never sleep. They are always devising new ways to beat your network defenses, infiltrate your web application, and steal your data. With our continuous services, we are constantly attempting to crack through your defenses, and when we find a problem, we notify you immediately in order to stay a step ahead of hackers.

The TrollEye Security family of products provides comprehensive, all-around security, and we're not satisfied with the temporary security provided by annual penetration testing. Instead, our approach to pen testing is continuous penetration testing. Cyber criminals never sleep. They are always devising new ways to beat your network defenses, infiltrate your web application, and steal your data. With our continuous services, we are constantly attempting to crack through your defenses, and when we find a problem, we notify you immediately in order to stay a step ahead of hackers.

To keep our arsenal updated with the most sophisticated tactics available to hackers, we scan hacker activity every day. In addition to our SnortCP (Snort Certified Professional) and GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN) certifications, we also hold the HP ASE (Network Security) and HP Master ASE (Network Infrastructure) certifications and OSCP certifications. Besides our ongoing research and information gathering about cybercrime, we are also pursuing additional industry certifications such as the OSWE certification.

Our innovative and effective process

The TrollEye Security process has been carefully crafted over our two decades of cybersecurity experience, and it continues to be honed as the digital landscape changes. But there are three essential components that don’t change: preparation, execution, and post-execution.


At TrollEye, we consider preparation critical to the success of your physical pen test. We first take the time to completely understand your organization, the particular risks your industry faces, and establish your testing needs. Each physical pen test is uniquely customized; you won’t find any one size fits all solution. This is followed byestablishing the ROE, or Rules of Engagement, which outline the parameters of the test. The timing, extent, and types of tactics that will be used are all covered in the ROE.


In the execution phase, we go to work getting to know your facility in every possible way, locating potential vulnerabilities, social engineering targets, and creating our plan of attack. Just as a real threat actor would do, we create a strategy covering every possible detail. We then implement the attack and see how far we can get into your facility, testing your security and seeing what works – and what doesn’t.


In our post-execution assessment, you’ll get a complete debrief of what our tester discovered during the attack. You’ll learn what areas you should lock down on, what additional training needs to happen, and what new security features should be added.
We follow a similar process for all of our pen testing services. TrollEye Security offers internal penetration testing, external penetration testing, continuous penetration testing, social engineering assessment, dark web monitoring, and cyber risk management consulting. Our services cover all facets of cyber security including testing web application targets, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and more.

Our process is innovative and effective, and it has been tested to perfection. We take the time to prepare for each test, and we execute it with precision. We take your trust very seriously, operating with the highest ethical standards as we help you guard against those who have none. Together, we can turn your facility into an impenetrable fortress against a real attack.

Step Up Your Security Using TrollEye's Intel

In today's digital world, it's not enough to just have a strong cyber defense. A business also needs to have a strong physical defense. TrollEye Security is a leading provider of physical penetration testing services, serving clients on-location almost anywhere in the United States. When you hire TrollEye, you're not just getting a physical security assessment. You're also getting the benefit of our intel. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the digital and physical worlds that you can use to your advantage.

When it comes to your security, TrollEye Security means business. Get started today by calling our physical penetration testing team for a free consultation.