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External Penetration Testing

Creating your company’s Virtual Fortress

“We got hacked.”

If you’re in a leadership position in any organization, this statement is not just an annoyance, it’s a potential business killer. With cyber attacks come the potential for lost data, budget-destroying correction costs, and customers and vendors who start looking for another company to do business with. No one likes the idea of their information being compromised, and if it happens, people are quick to jump ship and find one that’s taking cyber threats seriously.

In 2021, the FBI received nearly 850,000 complaints of cybercrime incidents. The actual number is anyone’s guess, as many victims don’t think to report it and companies that were compromised may be concerned about the bad press. Either way, these attacks are on the rise and have managed to cost American businesses billions each year. If this risk is not managed, the impact can be devastating.

That’s why TrollEye Security takes your company’s security to the next level with external penetration testing. External penetration testing simulates the actions of a real-world attacker coming in from outside of your network, providing you with valuable insights into the vulnerabilities of your systems and how to fix them. With our ethical hacking tactics, we show you the strength – or weakness – of your network systems before they can be exploited by the bad guys.

By taking a proactive, offensive approach to your business security with external penetration testing, you can find and respond to areas of vulnerability that hackers would use to get in, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your network is secure as possible. If you’re serious about keeping your data safe, contact TrollEye Security today to learn more about our external penetration testing services

Creating Value for Your Business with
External Penetration Testing

Most companies understand the importance of cybersecurity and have taken steps to protect their systems from attacks. But in a rapidly evolving threat landscape where malicious hackers are constantly scanning for every vulnerability, it’s not enough to just have a firewall and antivirus software – you need to be constantly scanning, testing, and improving your security posture. That’s where external penetration testing comes in.

No organization is too small to be hacked, and in today’s cyber-based age, it’s becoming more and more common. Hacks can come from anywhere, including disgruntled former employees, competitors, or just someone who just wants to cause trouble for fun. Any vulnerability can put you at risk, and the ramifications Fortunately, this risk is able to be managed by going on the offense against hackers. Here’s how external penetration testing from TrollEye Security reduces your network vulnerabilities while strengthening and creating value for your organization:

Gives you insights into the weaknesses of your systems

Everyone thinks they’re safe – until they find out they’re not. With external penetration testing you can discover your system’s areas of vulnerability before getting a ransom demand in exchange for getting your data back.

Proactively protects your information and reputation

It’s embarrassing to have to tell a customer, vendor, or (worst of all) a patient in a medical practice that their private information has been lost or stolen. External penetration testing is a key tactic to help ensure you’ll never have to have that conversation.

Helps you build trust with your customers and vendors

When clients, partners, vendors, and other stakeholders in your business want to know what steps you’re taking to protect their data, you can be proud to tell them you’re not satisfied with internal defensive measures only. Instead, you’re going on the offense with external penetration testing. This goes a long way in bolstering their confidence and willingness to work with you.

More predictable expenses

By using external penetration testing services, you can create a more predictable budget by investing in your network and web application security instead of paying ransom or hiring someone to come in after the fact and clean up the mess. Less vulnerability makes keeping those financial risks properly managed much easier.

Reduce Risk Of Business Disruption

If you are hit with a ransomware attack or other type of malware, it can mean days or even weeks of business disruption while you work to get your systems back up and running. This can cost you money in lost productivity, damage to your reputation, and more. External penetration testing helps reduce the risk of these types of disruptions by identifying vulnerabilities before they become serious problems.
From risk management to improving goodwill, external penetration testing is a powerful tool for your business. Call TrollEye Security today to get started.

Our Reviews: Look Inside TrollEye Security

We understand that partnering with a penetration testing company is an investmentof trust in the security of your organization. Read about the experiences of TrollEye Security’s customers here.

Cyrus Yazdanpanah
IT Manager at FSLSO
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PTaaS has been a wonderful addition to our Development Lifecycle. Command Center provides a unique experience and excellent value
John Andrew
Security Compliance Manager at Flight Scedule Pro
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I recently had the pleasure of working with TrollEye Security, and I found their service to be exceptional. Avery's team performed a thorough vulnerability assessment and penetration test that left no security stone unturned. I found using the TrollEye Security Command Center Portal easy - and through this toolset TrollEye provided us with clear and actionable recommendations, making it easy for us to enhance our security. In my opinion, what sets TrollEye Security apart is their ability to communicate complex findings effectively. They were responsive and accommodating throughout the process. TrollEye is a trusted partner in our cybersecurity efforts, and I highly recommend them for their technical expertise and client-focused approach!

The Plan of Attack:External Penetration Testing Methodology

Each step in external penetration testing is carefully thought out ahead of time, just like an actual attack. Here is what TrollEye Security will do as we uncover points of vulnerability and test the limits of your network security.


In the pre-planning stage, we'll work with you to understand your goals, identify any risks or concerns, and create a customized plan of action. We'll also review your current security posture and make sure we have all the information we need to get started.

Planning and Reconnaissance

During planning and reconnaissance, we'll gather information about your systems and network. This includes looking for publicly available information, as well as conducting active scans of your systems to identify open ports and services. We use the actual strategies of real-life hackers to gain intel.

Target Scanning

Target scanning is all about zeroing in on the systems and data we want to take advantage of. We'll use a variety of tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Once we've identified the weak spots, it's time for action.

Gaining and Maintaining Access

This is where we put our plan into action and attempt to gain access to your network or web application. If successful, we'll then try to maintain that access and move through your network to see how deep we can go - and how much of your data is at risk.

Attacks and Exploitation

Once we have a good understanding of your network and web application weaknesses, we'll start launching attacks. These can include brute force attacks, denial of service, SQL injection, and more. We'll also look for any sensitive information that may be exposed.


After we've exhausted all our attacks, it's time to debrief. We'll sit down with you and go over everything we did, what we found, and what needs to be done to improve your security posture. We 'll also provide you with a detailed assessment that you can use to make decisions about your security going forward and keep those ever-changing cyber risks as managed as possible.

TrollEye is Your Ally Against Hackers

TrollEye Security specializes in offensive cybersecurity strategies that anticipate and thwart cyberattacks before they can harm the organization. We provide high-quality, fully integrated solutions. And we don’t stop with external penetration test services. A serious penetration test approach cannot be a one-time operation conducted once a year. Threat actors are constantly coming up with new ways to attack. We perform constant integrated penetration testing so that you can continuously secure your software, plug gaps, patch leaks, and tighten up defenses.Hackers will see that your company is not the victim they’re searching for.

Our proprietary risk management platform, Command Center, was developed basedon decades of experience in cybersecurity. Our top-tier penetration test experts have gone deep inside the minds of the criminals who seek to steal your information, crash your web application, hold your data hostage, or grab sensitive customer information. We're constantly scanning the activities of hackers to learn their newest and most sophisticated tactics so we can add them to our toolbox. Our credentials include SnortCP (Snort Certified Professional), GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN), HP ASE (Network Security) and HP Master ASE (Network Infrastructure) and OSCP certifications. In addition to ongoing research and information gathering aboutcybercriminals, we also pursue additional industry certifications including OSWE.

Our goal is to provide you with all types of internal and external test assessment information to keep your organization secure. When this risk is managed properly, your network and web application vulnerability plummets, letting you get back to work with confidence and peace of mind.

Don’t let hackers test your security first. Contact TrollEye Security and give hackers nothing to do

External Threats, Internal Solutions

These days, it’s no longer simple hacking or identity theft that poses real threats to businesses and other organizations. Cyber criminals have become very sophisticated, and management must constantly be on the alert as new threats are developed. Here are some of the most common attacks businesses are facing today, both internal and external.


This type of malware encrypts files and then demands payment (usually in cryptocurrency) to decrypt them. A very dangerous form of attack, ransomware can lead to losing access to your critical files... forever.


Phishing attacks use emails or other communication that appear to be from a trusted source in order to get victims to click on malicious links or download malware. We target this threat in our Social Engineering Assessment.

SQL Injection

This attack takes advantage of vulnerabilities in a web application to inject malicious code into network databases. This can allow attackers to access sensitive data or even take control of the system.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

A DDoS attack floods a target with traffic, resulting in denial of service for legitimate users. These attacks are often used as a cover for other malicious activity targeting another area of vulnerability within an organization.

TrollEye’s external penetration testing services can help you identify and defend against these and other threats. We use the same techniques as real-world attackers to give you an accurate assessment of your vulnerabilities. And because we’re on your side, we’ll work with you to develop solutions that will harden your systems against attack. The threats may be external, but we help you create internal responses that work. Explore our comprehensive services to get a feel for how we approach true system security, including general penetration testing, internal penetration testing, physical penetration testing, continuous penetration testing, social engineering assessment services,dark web securityconcerns, and cybersecurity risk management. TrollEye Security helps you turn your vulnerabilities into your strongest defenses.
When it comes to security, businesses can’t afford to take chances. Contact TrollEye today to learn more about our external penetration testing services.

What to Expect When Working with TrollEye Security

With TrollEye’s penetration test skills and high-level offensive strategies, your organization can be confident that your protocol for success has been tested and proven. Our clients receive timely, accurate, actionable information about their cyber security posture and get an assessment that allows the organization’s internal management to make smart, informed decisions.

Based on our initial consultation, we will create a custom program that relates to your network systems as well as the unique needs and risks of your company. Our estimates are determined by the number of live assets in the test, the number of software repositories and web application targets that will be tested, and, if applicable, the number of social engineering targets. It will also include both internal and external penetration tests as requested. Based on this assessment, together we agree on the Rules of Engagement (ROE) which sets the parameters of the testing, including date, time, and extent of each test.

When the MSA (Master Service Agreement, which clearly outlines the services and assessment testing to be performed) and ROE are completed, the first test will be scheduled. As our team of penetration testers begins scanning and analyzing your network vulnerability position in a methodic and controlled manner, we'll notify you immediately when weaknesses are found so they can be managed - and eliminated - as quickly as possible.

Stay Ahead of Hackers with External Penetration Testing

As the threat landscape evolves, businesses must constantly adapt their security strategies to stay ahead of the curve. External penetration testing is an essential part of any comprehensive security plan to keep cyber risks well managed. By simulating real-world attacks, we can help you identify vulnerabilities and develop solutions to harden your network against attack.

You don't know how secure your system is until it gets put to the test. You can wait for a cyber attack to find out, or you, can call TrollEye Security instead.