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Take control of your cybersecurity with confidence

Cyber threats will always be out there, but you can stay a step ahead with penetration testing from TrollEye Security.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than frustrating the plans of cyber criminals

Cutting edge skills, unquestionable ethics

Every network has flaws and vulnerabilities. When our ethical “white hat” hackers are on the job, we find those weaknesses so they can be fixed before real hackers get a chance to exploit them. That means a safer network for you and your customers.


Testing for security, productivity, and efficiency

Penetration testing has obvious benefits: a more secure network. No one wants a malicious hack damaging their business. But there are also other benefits to pen testing that forward-thinking managers and business owners are factoring in when deciding how to best manage their cybersecurity risk.

Companies that engage penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) are demonstrating to their customers, vendors, and partners that they take a proactive approach to security. As high-profile companies experience data breaches, this goes beyond goodwill. Customers don’t just need security – they demand it.

Another benefit of penetration testing is predictability in your expenses. Most companies are not budgeting tens of thousands of dollars – or even hundreds of thousands or more – to pay for the repercussions of a hack, including paying a ransom to get their data back. Strengthening your network security is far less expensive than paying for a cybercrime incident.


Networks & Applications

For your eyes only. Reduce your risk of being hacked and losing or exposing sensitive data to the wrong crowd.


Reputation Boost

Customers, partners, and vendors don’t want apologies after the fact. Show them how safe their data is with you.

Smart Money

Make better use of your budget. Spend those dollars on proactive efforts instead of unpredictable costs of a breach.


In Compliance

Stay out of hot water with the government. Remain current on regulatory compliance for HIPAA, GDPR, or PCI DSS.


Increase in small business cyber breaches in 2020

11 seconds

How often a business is attacked by ransomware


Increase in ransomware costs since 2015


Percentage of attacks that target small businesses

by the numbers

Cybercrime is on the rise, but you don’t have to be the next victim

The most recent FBI report on cybercrime wasn’t encouraging. Spurred on by the increase in technology use during the pandemic, criminals have been busy. From classic hacking tactics to ransomware to social engineering tactics like phishing, nearly every form of cybercrime is rising. The threats may be serious, but so is TrollEye Security. Our penetration testers are helping businesses fight back against hackers by using the same tools, techniques and processes the bad guys do. We find your network weaknesses and recommend fixes before the real hackers have a chance to wreak havoc.

the process

Let TrollEye Security test your network strength before hackers do

Initial consultation

We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your needs, networks, and assets to be tested.

MSA and RoE signed

The Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Rules of Engagement (RoE) cover all the details.

Testing and reporting

Penetration testing and reporting begins, making your system more secure with each test..

Hackers on your side

Ethical hackers tell cybercriminals, “Nice try. We already thought of that.”


Knowledge (and using it) is power

In our articles you’ll learn about trends in fighting cybercrime, case studies in risk management, new threats and responses, and more relevant information on keeping your network secure.