TrollEye Security

Our process

We arm you with a clear perspective on the risks facing your organization, so you can more effectively tailor your cyber security program, optimize your technology, and plan future investments to address cyber security risk successfully.

Our process is simple; you continue to build and manage applications and infrastructure while we leverage the Four Pillars of Cyber Risk Management to provide you with continuous cybersecurity.

As we find vulnerabilities, our team of expert Penetration Testers analyze and exploit these vulnerabilities in a controlled manner. As soon as a Penetration Tester opens a finding, you are immediately notified via your preferred communication channel.

The Four Pillars of Cyber Risk Management



We are dedicated to providing your organization with a partner in cybersecurity, learn more about our Four Pillared Strategy today.

What to Expect

The major steps of the vulnerability and penetration assessment are:

In some cases, vulnerabilities of one or more components may be exploited to provide stepping-stones to exploit other components. In this way, it can be determined if two or more minor vulnerabilities can be combined to create a much greater risk of intrusion.

Though the specific tests vary based on the topology and exposed systems making up a gateway network, the overall methodology is described in the following sections.