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Dark Web Analysis

Shut Down Data Breaches with Dark Web Analysis

Are cybercriminals already putting your data up for sale on the dark web?

The dark web, which is simply web content that is not indexed by search engines and requires a special browser to access, is often home to shady characters. The dark web is appealing to bad actors with stolen data to sell because it is used completely anonymously. Sensitive information including log-in credentials, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more are constantly being bought and sold on the dark web.

Data breaches can occur silently, with victims being unaware that their confidential information has been swiped for weeks – maybe even months – after the breach has occurred. That’s why keeping tabs on what’s out there is so critical, as it can serve as an early warning of a hack that’s already taken place. Instead of learning about a breach after your private data has been used against you, you can get ahead of criminals by finding out what info is already out there when TrollEye Security is testing the strength of your network. We analyze data available on the dark web when we perform your company’s penetration testing, and as part of Four Pillared Strategy.

TrollEye Security: Shedding Light on the Dark Web

As part of our penetration testing, we access and analyze dark web content to see if our clients’ data is no longer private. Based on our findings, you may be prompted to cancel credit card numbers, lock down your credit, and change critical passwords to prevent criminals from using that stolen information. By cutting off the use in advance, you can lighten the burden of responding to a data breach, reduce the associated costs, and give these criminals less incentive to try it again. Forward-thinking companies that are engaging our continuous penetration testing will benefit even more, as we will constantly be analyzing dark web data and notifying them immediately when we find breaches.

Dark web knowledge is power. Schedule your penetration testing with dark web analysis today.

The Next Best Thing to Cyber Time Travel

Along with penetration testing, or “pen testing” services, our dark web analysis offers an additional layer of security by determining whether or not you’ve already experienced a breach. TrollEye Security can help you reduce your future risk by testing the strength of your current measures, but we can also help you stop damage that’s already been done by discovering what previously exposed data you need to lock down. No one can go back in time and undo what’s already been done, but we can help plug the leak.

Dark Web Analysis Chart

Make Your Cybersecurity Air Tight

When it comes to securing sensitive data, many companies think firewalls and anti-virus protection are enough. It’s only after they experience a hack that they discover these defensive measures are only enough to deter amateur cybercriminals. With attacks becoming more sophisticated every year, the best defense is a good offense. When you use internal and external penetration testing, continuous penetration testing, physical penetration testing, and social engineering assessment services for your cyber risk management, you’re taking the most aggressive stance possible against cybercrime.

No level of exposed data is acceptable for your critical business information. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a victim. You can reduce your risk with actionable intel from TrollEye Security. Call us today for your free initial consultation.