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Command Center (SaaS)

Command Center (SaaS) - A Cybersecurity Risk Management Platform

Command Center, a Cybersecurity Risk Management Platform, was originally built as a Penetration Testing Management Tool. As our PTaaS client’s needs grew, so has Command Centers’ functionality. Command Center allows us to provide integrated Penetration Testing by extracting data from multiple vendors’ infrastructure devices and multiple cloud providers.

Command Center (SaaS) enables your IT staff to manage Cybersecurity Risk. The responsibility of managing vulnerabilities belongs to all of IT, not just the IT Security Team. With role-based access and views, your IT staff will only see the findings related to their role.

Keeping Breach Probability Low


Command Center Scanner is an open-source client application designed to perform tasks during penetration tests, security audits, and overall discovery and analysis using Docker containers.


Our integrators are the secret sauce that brings IT altogether. Working together we have the ability to correlate findings with configurations as well as dynamically update IP scopes and URLs. Allowing your IT Security Team to keep pace with engineers, developers and keep breach probability low.