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Our Four Pillared Strategy

We specialize in the Four Pillars of Cyber Risk Management which are, Penetration Testing, Dark Web Analysis, DevSecOps, and SOC/IR, each of these pillars is one of the four major services we provide. The goal of this strategy is to provide your organization with a comprehensive Cyber Risk Management Strategy and can be tailored to your organization's specific needs. This strategy is extremely customizable and depending on your organizations needs we can provide you with just one, or even all four pillars.  Our main goal here at TrollEye Security is to be a partner for your organization, to help you secure every single Web Application, and remediate every single vulnerability.

Cyrus Yazdanpanah
IT Manager at FSLSO
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PTaaS has been a wonderful addition to our Development Lifecycle. Command Center provides a unique experience and excellent value
John Andrew
Security Compliance Manager at Flight Scedule Pro
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I recently had the pleasure of working with TrollEye Security, and I found their service to be exceptional. Avery's team performed a thorough vulnerability assessment and penetration test that left no security stone unturned. I found using the TrollEye Security Command Center Portal easy - and through this toolset TrollEye provided us with clear and actionable recommendations, making it easy for us to enhance our security. In my opinion, what sets TrollEye Security apart is their ability to communicate complex findings effectively. They were responsive and accommodating throughout the process. TrollEye is a trusted partner in our cybersecurity efforts, and I highly recommend them for their technical expertise and client-focused approach!
PTaaS Process, also known as continuous penetration testing.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing Services can be divided into several different categories. The first and most popular Penetration Testing Service we provide is Pen Testing as a Service, we perform a weekly pen test on your organization and file a monthly report empowering your organization to effectively and quickly remediate vulnerabilities, on a ongoing basis. Other Penetration Testing Services we provide are, Physical Penetration testing, Internal Penetration Testing, External Penetration Testing, Social Engineering Assessments, and Red Teaming Engagements.

Dark Web Analysis Chart

Dark Web Analysis

We scan the Dark Web once a month for our clients, identifying stolen credentials, and then exploiting those credentials to gain access to our client's applications. We then file a monthly report for our clients allowing them to remediate vulnerabilities. Based on our findings, you may be prompted to cancel credit card numbers, lock down your credit, and change critical passwords to prevent criminals from using that stolen information. By cutting off the use in advance, you can lighten the burden of responding to a data breach, reduce the associated costs, and give these criminals less incentive to try it again.

DevSecOps Chart


DevSecOps, a combination of “Development,” “Security,” and “Operations,” is a collaborative approach that integrates security practices seamlessly into the software development and deployment process. We partner with your development team to ensure that every single application is built with a strong foundation, from the very beginning.

Managed SIEM

Managed SIEM combines cutting-edge technology with expert human oversight to provide real-time threat detection and compliance management. This all-encompassing service enables you to gain visibility into your network, swiftly identify and mitigate threats, and maintain compliance with industry regulations. With our Managed SIEM solution, you can focus on your core business objectives while we tirelessly monitor, analyze, and protect your digital environment against cyber threats 24/7.

Managed SIEM Process

Don't Wait Until it's to Late

With one cyberattack happening every 39 seconds, the price of cybercrime approaching $25 trillion, and with the average data breach costing $4.35 million, you can't afford to procrastinate on cybersecurity. Learn more about our services and contact us for a free demo, get a partner in cybersecurity, use TrollEye Security for your Cyber Risk Management today.