Troll Eye Security



Our Solutions

We customize cybersecurity management programs to your needs. We are vigilantly keeping your data safe from the full spectrum of attacks, including phishing, malware, viruses, worms, ransomware, and more.

Command CenterTM (SAAS)

Command CenterTM is our proprietary cybersecurity risk management platform, which has grown in functionality as our clients’ needs grew. Command CenterTM provides integrated Penetration Testing, extracting data from multiple vendors’ infrastructure devices and multiple cloud providers, enabling your IT staff to independently manage Cybersecurity Risk by role and function.

Adversarial Simulations

Our team seamlessly delivers this foundational component of penetration testing, either remotely or on site. By emulating the same advanced penetration techniques threat actors would use, we test your full security operations and detection capabilities by identifying what services and applications are available, foot printing networks and attacking under controlled conditions. The SOC should have the security controls in place to stop and attack generating an alert of activity.